Multi SIM GSM Gateway

Telecom FM Onestream G - Dual SIM SIP VoIP GSM Gateway Ref: Onestream

Telecom FM Onestream G - Dual SIM SIP VoIP GSM Gateway

Telecom FM Onestream G - Dual SIM SIP VoIP GSM Gateway

Price: 525.00 (630.00 Including VAT at 20%)


The Telecom FM Onestream unit will ideally be used as a SIP Trunk unit for any SIP or H.323 based Voice Over IP Telephone System. The unit will use 2 SIM cards for 2 simultaneous calls and uses high quality Siemens GSM Modules for clear speech quality. The onestream G is a dual band GSM unit so will work with O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange SIM cards. The Onestream G will not work on the 3 Mobile network.

The Telecom FM Onestream G VoIP GSM gateway can be connected to most VoIP PBX Telephone Systems that support SIP.


- 2 GSM modules
- No need to add any other gateway
- Simple integration with VOIP ITSP or IP PBX
- Least Cost Routing - ideal solution for cost reduction
- Fast return on investment
- User friendly web based interface


- 2 GSM modules Available in multiple configurations
- Least Cost Routing by: Prefix, Calling Line Identification (CLI), Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP).
- Works with any IP-PBX or Softswitch based on SIP or H323 protocols (e.g. IP-PBX, Asterisk™, Cisco Call-Manager™,etc),hybrid PBX with VoIP trunks
- STUN and NAT Traversal capabilities
- Fail over
- Link multiple and different models of OneStreams together
- DISA capability
- Advanced Incoming and outgoing call routing
- Advanced security with integrated firewall
- SIP and H323 protocols supported
- Web to SMS and Http to SMS
- Callback by CLI
- Easy to use web based interface
- Mobility extension


Telecom FM GSM Route BRI - ISDN2 to GSM Gateway Ref: GSMRoute BRI

Telecom FM GSM Route BRI - ISDN2 to GSM Gateway

Price: 275.00 (330.00 Including VAT at 20%)



The Telecom FM GSM Route BRI connects to the ISDN2e port of a telephone system and allows extension users to make calls directly to the GSM Mobile Phone Network.

The GSM Route BRI can take 2 SIM cards allowing 2 simultaneous phone calls to/from the mobile phone network - the unit comes pre-configured to route all calls starting with 07 prefix via SIM 1 or SIM 2. The Telecom FM GSm Route BRI can also be configured to route all calls via the SIM cards so can also be used as a back up in the case of ISDN Line failure.

This unit can be configured by the end user, but is supplied pre-configured for quick and easy installation. The unit comes pre-configured to connect to the ISDN2e Trunk and automatically route all calls starting 07 via the SIM cards. If a different configuration is required this can be easily acheived by using the Programming Lead and CD that are supplied with the unit.

We now supply the Telecom FM GSM Route BRI with the installation CD and PC Programming Lead.