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Because most modern phone systems incorporate many of the same important business telephony features, these five simple questions about your business telephone system requirements will provide us with the necessary details to provide a quick phone system quote for a new telephone systems solution to suit your needs.

We can supply, install and maintain your new office phone system and we can even provide you with low cost calls and offer low cost monthly leasing payment options.

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Would you like the functionality of a new phone system without the upfront capital investment?

There is a solution!

Modern Phone Systems help drive employee productivity and will improve the way you communicate with your customers and colleagues.

It is estimated that around 20-30% of businesses now use Leasing as a flexible alternative to enable them to benefit from the latest communication technology without tying up their capital or making an upfront payment.

And with the monthly cost per user being little more than a cup of coffee – fully inclusive of installation and all hardware – why wouldn’t you want to have a telephone system that will delight both your staff and your customers!

Acquiring your Phone System through leasing will present your company with a number of benefits including:

• Improved Cash Flow – spread the cost of the system over a period to suit you
• Easy Budgeting – Inflation proof rentals remain fixed for the full period of the agreement unlike business loans.
• Tax Deductible – the full rental payment can be offset against corporation tax.
• Future Proof – only pay for the equipment you need now but enjoy a system that is easily scalable with a clear upgrade path.

If you would like a more detailed discussion or quote about leasing or purchasing an IP or Digital Phone System from a range of leading manufacturers please call us on 0800 298 8011.

Buying a new phone system is easy and affordable and offers small, medium and large business users with all the advanced features to ensure effective communications.

One of the main forms of communications between you, your clients and your customers, is your business telephone system and so is therefore incredibly important. Huge benefits can be brought to your company by having a professional phone system in place.

Eliminate the risk of missing important calls again and upgrade your business telephone system.
By communications being improved between you and your customers this will lead to your business performing stronger as a whole.

Also great additional features are to be had from having a new telephone system giving a truly professional image of your business to any calls.

A modern telephone system can have many great features such as..

Custom On Hold Music – Choose what you want to be played while your customer waits for you to answer.

Custom Voicemail – Single voicemail, unified voicemail and group settings available, you can also receive alerts when you receive a voicemail!

Push Notifications – Automatic notifications of voicemails and missed calls.

Call Forwarding – Redirect your calls to any land line or mobile number.

Recording – Record phone calls for security and training purposes.

Call Management Software – Track calls, talk time, transfers, redirects, notifications etc from individual phones to name just a few features.

Auto-Attendant – Automatic menu system allows callers to direct their own calls from a series of options, for example press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts etc.

Great Savings – now available for all phone systems (biggest savings on 5+ phones).