The Panasonic KX-TEA 308 is a small business phone system that will connect to standard analogue telephone lines and allow the connection of the proprietary system telephones or standard analogue telephones.

The Panasonic KX-TEA308 system has the capacity for upto 3 analogue (PSTN) telephone lines and upto 8 extensions which can be a mix of system phones and standard analogue (POTS / SLT) telephones. We recommend at least one system phone with an LCD display is connected to the system for ease of programming.

The KX-T308 system comes with built in DISA (Auto Attendant) which enables calls to be automatically answered and directed to the callers desired extension. An optional voicemail card is also available for the system.

If caller ID is required on the extension telephones then an optional Caller ID card is available, but you will need to have the Caller ID service activated on your telephone lines for this to work.

KX-TEA308 Phone System brochure

Product Brochure for the KX-TEA308 phone system.

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KX-TEA308 Installation Manual

Installation Manual for the KX-TEA308 phone system including extension wiring instructions.

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KX-TEA308 Getting Started

Getting Started Manual for the KX-TEA308 phone system including basic system programming instructions.

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KX-TEA308 User Manual

User Manual for the KX-TEA308 phone system including feature guide.

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Getting Started

We recommend that you purchase at least one system phone with an LCD display for use with the Panasonic KX-TEA308 phone system, as well as the necessary installation cables, sockets, junction boxes and telephone leads as required. If you intend to program the KX-TEA308 phone system using the installation software then you will also need to purchase, or find a suitable USB cable becuase there is no USB cable provided with the phone system.

Unpack the KX-TEA308 phone system and you will find the main phone system, the mains power lead, the instruction manual and CD containing software and manuals as well as 9 x RJ11 cables which you would use to connect the TRUNK and EXTENSION ports of the phone system to junction boxes, which would then connect to your telephone lines (TRUNKS) and telephones (EXTENSIONS). Below we have described the basic installation methods for connecting your telephones and telephone lines to the Panasonic KX-TEA308E Phone System.

EXTENSIONS - CAT5e / Structured Cabling

If your office has structured cabling, then installation of the Panasonic KX-TEA308 phone system couldn't be simpler. Your structured cabling should be presented onto a patch panel, labelled in accordance with the CAT5e outlets.

We recommend that when connecting to CAT5e Structured cabling, then the extensions are wired out to a Patch Panel, and then patched across to the main structured cabling patch panel. For smaller CAT5e Installations, then we also sell wall mountable 4 way CAT5e sockets that can be used to terminate from the phone system to provide a suitable CAT5e point from which a patch lead can be used to connect into the main patch panel.

To connect your telephones (BT Plug) to the CAT5e wall socket (RJ45) you will need to use an RJ45 to BT converter, which is called a BALUN or MODTAP. For the Panasonic system telephones you will need a PBX Secondary BALUN, and for analogue telephones you will require a PBX Master BALUN.


To connect the KX-TEA phone system in a professional manner, by connecting the extensions to a junction box, running out the extension cables to the required locations and installing telephone wall sockets is relatively easy.

All you require is a suitable junction box, a roll of telephone cable, telephone extension sockets and some basic tools, including a specialist tool to perform the wiring connections in the telephone sockets and junction box called an Insertion Tool.

Using the RJ11 Open Ended cables that come with the KX-TEA308E phone system, you connect these to a junction box. Using CW1308 Telephone Cable (2 Pairs) run the required length to the location of the extension socket and connect to the socket in accordance with the wiring diagram. For System Phones a PBX Secondary Socket is required and for SLT / Analogue telphones a Master PBX Extension Socket is required.

KX-TEA308 Installation Kit

KX-TEA308 Installation Kit

For ease of installation we have put together an installation kit which comes with a junction box for cable termination, a 100m long roll of CW1308 2 Pair telephone cable, 8 x Extension Sockets that are suitable for both system and SLT analogue telephones, a tool for cable termination in the junction box and extension sockets and 3 x RJ11 to BT telephone cables to connect the KX-TEA308 phone system to standard telephone line sockets.

The price of the kit is only £80.00 and represents great value for money and makes for an easy installation of the KX-TEA308E Phone System.

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