The Panasonic KX-TES824 Main CCU replaces the KX-TA624, configured for 3 Line x 8 Extensions

The Panasonic KX-TES824 advanced hybrid telephone system offers excellent value for most small to medium size businesses. It provides many features seldom available on small systems. The initial Control Unit has capacity for three standard analogue exchange lines and eight extensions but can expand to eight exchange lines and twenty-four extensions.

The KX-TES824 system comes with built-in DISA / Message on busy, Extension Caller ID, Remote Modem and USB Port for PC Programming.

DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
DISA allows outside callers to access any extension without going through an operator. Automatic greeting messages can be recorded by the operator of manager, directing the call to an appropriate department or destination. The KX-TES824 system is smart enough to even detect an incoming fax transmission - routing the call automatically to a designated fax extension.

Extension Caller ID
Extension Caller ID compatibility displays the incoming caller's phone number or name when used with a Panasonic proprietary display telephone. Up to 20 calls can be logged per extension. IF YOU REQUIRE CALLER ID FROM AN OUTSIDE LINE THEN YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE AND INSTALL THE CALLER ID CARD AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE CALLER ID SERVICE FROM YOUR TELEPHONE LINE PROVIDER.

Voice Message Card
The Optional Voice Message Card ensures you will never miss a call when you are not available. You can customise you voice mailbox, by recording your own greetings which will be played when you cannot answer your phone. The KX-TES824 system supports the KXT7700 series range of telephones (KXT7735, KXT7730, KXT7720 and KXT7750).

Panasonic KX-TES824 Key Features

- 3 Analogue CO / 8 Extension
- Group working
- Can take 2 additional expansion cards
- Comes as standard with 1 Channel of DISA and remote modem
- System speed dials
- Personal speed numbers
- Optional caller line identification
- External music-on-hold
- Paging facility
- Maximum configuration - 8 Analogue CO / 24 Extensions
- Built-in USB Port for PC Programming
- Built-in Extension CLI
- Bulit in Modem
- Updated version of obsolete KXTA624

KX-TES824 Installation Manual

Installation Manual for the KX-TES824 phone system including extension wiring instructions.

CLICK HERE to download KX-TES824 Installation Manual

KX-TES824 Getting Started

Getting Started Manual for the KX-TES824 phone system including basic system programming instructions.

CLICK HERE to download KX-TES824 Getting Started Manual

KX-TES824 User Manual

User Manual for the Panasonic KXTES824 Phone System

CLICK HERE to download KX-TES824 User Manual

KXTES824 Feature Guide

Panasonic KXTES824 Phone System Feature Guide

CLICK HERE to download KX-TES824 Feature Guide

Extension Socket Quick Cabling Guide

We recommend that the Panasonic KXTES824 Phone System is initially cabled to a junction box and then cabled out to extension sockets into which you can connect your telephones.

The Panasonic KX-T7700 range of systems phones (KXT7720, XT7750, KXT7730 and KXT7735) are connected using 4 wires and will require a secondary PBX extension socket whilst all analogue (POTS) extensions will usually requre a 2 wire connection and require a master PBX extension socket.

To make installation eaiser you can use purchase all master PBX extension sockets and just cut the capacitor to turn it into a seondary PBX extension socket for use with the 4 wire system phones.

The colours of the cables change over time so a good guide is to check the colour of the cables in the supplied RJ11 terminated cables and the middle pair is connected to 2 and 5 on the extension socket whilst the outer pair is connected to 3 and 4 on the extension socket.

For analogue extensions then the middle pair should be connected to 2 and 5 on the extension socket.

CLICK HERE to download the KXTES824 Extension Socket Cabling Guide