Onestream G

Telecom FM Onestream G - Dual SIM SIP VoIP GSM Gateway Ref: Onestream

Telecom FM Onestream G - Dual SIM SIP VoIP GSM Gateway

Telecom FM Onestream G - Dual SIM SIP VoIP GSM Gateway

Price: 525.00 (630.00 Including VAT at 20%)


The Telecom FM Onestream unit will ideally be used as a SIP Trunk unit for any SIP or H.323 based Voice Over IP Telephone System. The unit will use 2 SIM cards for 2 simultaneous calls and uses high quality Siemens GSM Modules for clear speech quality. The onestream G is a dual band GSM unit so will work with O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange SIM cards. The Onestream G will not work on the 3 Mobile network.

The Telecom FM Onestream G VoIP GSM gateway can be connected to most VoIP PBX Telephone Systems that support SIP.


- 2 GSM modules
- No need to add any other gateway
- Simple integration with VOIP ITSP or IP PBX
- Least Cost Routing - ideal solution for cost reduction
- Fast return on investment
- User friendly web based interface


- 2 GSM modules Available in multiple configurations
- Least Cost Routing by: Prefix, Calling Line Identification (CLI), Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP).
- Works with any IP-PBX or Softswitch based on SIP or H323 protocols (e.g. IP-PBX, Asterisk™, Cisco Call-Manager™,etc),hybrid PBX with VoIP trunks
- STUN and NAT Traversal capabilities
- Fail over
- Link multiple and different models of OneStreams together
- DISA capability
- Advanced Incoming and outgoing call routing
- Advanced security with integrated firewall
- SIP and H323 protocols supported
- Web to SMS and Http to SMS
- Callback by CLI
- Easy to use web based interface
- Mobility extension